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Milwaukee Psychiatric Physicians Chartered

Mission & Vision
Marie Ferber MD
Brian Fidlin PsyD
Eric Kanter MD
Tracey Latza PsyD
Margaret Regner PhD
Gary Schnell MD
Melvin Soo Hoo MD
David Wandschneider PhD
John Wean MD
Randall Zblewski MD
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                                                        OUR HISTORY


Milwaukee Psychiatrists & Psychologists Chartered was established in 1964, evolving from the medical staff of Milwaukee Psychiatric Hospital. The practice has continuously and quietly provided quality mental health care for the Metro Milwaukee area for nearly 50 years.  The group has recently relocated to Brookfield in order to provide improved privacy and accessibility.  Satellite clinics in Franklin and Shorewood enhance our availability.

Milwaukee Psychiatrists & Psychologists Chartered is an independent private physician group and is not a part of any health care system. The group is owned by its clinicians.

                                                 DIVERSE PRACTICE

Each clinician has their own unique areas of psychiatric expertise.


Marie Ferber, MD, is board certified and specializes in depression, anxiety, women's health and post-partum depression.  She practices in Brookfield, Franklin and Shorewood, accepts most insurances and is in most networks.


Brian Fidlin, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  He also has extensive experience helping individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, self-harm, thoughts of suicide and bereavement.


Eric Kanter, MD, is aboard certified child & adolescent psychiatrist and also sees adults. He is experienced in both psychotherapy and medication management.


Tracey Latza, PsyD, provides individual and family psychotherapy with children and adolescents.  She specializes in individuals with ADHD, autism and Asperger's Syndrome.  She is able to provide relaxation training using Biofeedback technology.


Margaret Regner, PhD, is a board certified psychotherapist and is regionally recognized in the area of psychological testing.  She practices in Brookfield and Shorewood.


Gary Schnell, MD, is a board certified child & adolescent psychiatrist, who sees adults as well, providing diagnostic assessments, medication management and psychotherapy.  He has a particular interest in the spiritual impact on psychological issues.

Melvin Soo Hoo, MD, is board certified, with an extensive background in treating a host of conditions in a wide variety of settings.  Currently maintaining a very active outpatient practice, including medication management.  He practices in Brookfield and Franklin.


David Wandschneider, PhD, has an extensive history working with children and adolescents.  Specifically, helping clients and their families adjust to life transitions. Interpersonal, or relationship therapy, struggles with ADHD, and mood diagnoses are also areas of practice.  He is a licensed psychologist and certified alcohol and drug counselor.


John Wean, MD, is board certified psychiatrist.  He provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for adult patients.  He has 25 years of experience in psychotherapy and medication management.


Randalll Zblewski, MD, is a board certified adult psychiatrist providing diagnostic assessments, medication management and psychotherapy.


Please review each clinician's individual bios to learn which clinician may be the best fit for your health needs.

Milwaukee Psychiatrists & Psychologists Chartered

12760 W. North Ave.

Brookfield, WI  53005

Office: (262) 439-5500
FAX: (866) 439-5221



 MPPC Satellite Locations


                              MPPC in Franklin                                                                     MPPC in Shorewood 

                              9200 W. Loomis Road, #203                                                      2510 E Capitol Drive

                              Franklin, WI  53132                                                                   Shorewood, WI 53211